Cycling through Inyo County

An aficionado of the fat tire or slicks, cyclists agree that biking Inyo County is euphoric. Hundreds of miles of paved roads, highway, and dirt trails meander through Inyo County offering exceptional biking opportunities in one of the least populated areas of the United States. US Highway 395 through Inyo County is open to road bikes and spans 150 miles between the Eastern Sierra communities of Pearsonville to Rock Creek. Paved roads along US Highway 395 lead through Owens Valley and scenic canyons offering challenging rides with significant elevation gains. Death Valley offers popular routes at sea level and below.

Avid mountain bikers hone their skills in Inyo County. The open landscape of Death Valley is suitable for beginners and intermediate riders. Technical mountain bikers reap their thrills on expert terrain in the Owens Valley and high altitude Sierra Nevada and White Mountain wilderness areas.

Eastern Sierra Guide –

  1. Gentle/scenic – Alabama Hills, Buttermilk Boulders
  2. Single Track – Rock Creek bike trail
  3. Owens River Gorge, Bishop
  4. Mammoth Mountain Bike Park, Mammoth Lakes