Horseback Riding and Pack Trips

Exploring the Eastern Sierra on horseback is the perfect way to experience the untouched backcountry beauty of Inyo County. Enjoy an afternoon in the saddle or plan a more extensive multi-day equine adventure with specialized pack trips into such notable Inyo County destinations as the John Muir Wilderness, Pacific Crest Trail, Onion Valley, and Bishop Creek Canyon. Horse around with the Eastern Sierra Packers.

  1. Bishop Pack Outfitters, Bishop, 760-873-4785
  2. Cottonwood Pack Station, Independence, 760-878-2015
  3. Glacier Pack Train, Big Pine, 760-938-2538
  4. Millpond Equestrian Center, Bishop, 760-873-6037,
  5. Pine Creek Pack Train, Bishop, 800-962-0775
  6. Rainbow Pack Outfitters, Bishop, 760-872-8803
  7. Rock Creek Pack Station, Bishop, 760-935-4493
  8. Sequoia Kings Pack Trains, Independence, 760-387-2797
  9. McGee Creek Pack Station, Independence, 760-935-4324 (summer)